Founded by the desire to combine the strategic rigor in high-end management consulting, with the execution excellence of the very best technicians, it’s not been easy to live up to aspirations. Being selective on our bandwidth with regards to clients we can work with, and building the team with deliberate focus has been critical.

Our Core Values and Strength

Customer Value at the core of everything we do

We provide first-hand priority to solve clients problems and work towards supporting them to make the right decisions. A passion to be the “Go To Person” is deeply embedded in our culture and ways of working.

Extremely Agile and Technology driven in Operations

We bring together top practitioners who combine interruptive innovations, thought leadership, domain expertise and technology craftsmanship to deliver tangible outcomes to a client’s strategic agenda.

Fun, People and Excellence are not mutually exclusive

Everything we do at Positka, is done with passion and fun. We have a great mix of people who pursue varied interests in their personal time. And they bring the same energy and passion to work to discover “Newness Everyday”.