Compliance to Data Protection Regulations


Protecting credit card information


Protecting healthcare Information


Intellectual property


Protecting personally identifiable information

Crypto Tools and Key Mgmt

Sign documents and code. Create asymmetric keys. Create keys for custom applications


General Data Protection Regulation

Guardium : Key Solution Capabilities

Improve control and reduce data risk

Prevent unauthorized data access

IBM Guardium for File and Database Encryption
  • Delivers granular data encryption at the file, database, or application level
  • For data stored on prem or in the cloud
  • Enables consistent policy enforcement for user access controls and logging of user activity

Gain visibility into your data

IBM Security Guardium Data Protection
  • Discover and classify sensitive or regulated data in on-premises, public and private cloud environments
  • Monitor users’ access behavior in a way that best fits organization
  • Block suspicious activity or quarantined in real time to help keep data protected.

Retain control of data in storage

IBM Guardium Key Lifecycle Manager
  • Ensures that all forms of media are adequately protected from data extraction
  • Reduces manual key management burdens
  • Addresses compliance by enabling automatic key generation and management.

Protect data and facilitate compliance reporting

Reduce the attack surface

IBM Guardium Vulnerability Assessment
  • Scan entire data source infrastructure with platform-specific tests, preconfigured vulnerability tests, and dynamic tests for behavioral vulnerabilities
  • Provides remediation recommendations.

Control distributed data in cloud

IBM Guardium for Cloud Key Management
  • Provides ownership and control of the keys to encrypted data in the cloud
  • Centralizes key management efforts across multiple cloud providers

Centralize data security

IBM Security Guardium Insights
  • A cloud-native security hub
  • Centralizes data security management, stores years’ worth of security data and uses analytics

IBM Guardium : A unified data protection platform

Consulting, Systems Integration and Managed Security Services

  • Data discovery & classification
  • Security orchestration, automation and response
  • Security information and event management
  • Data leak prevention
  • Identity and access management
  • Privacy management, auditing
  • Vulnerability assessment
  • IT operations and service management
  • Application security
  • Archiving, backup restore
  • Web Application firewalls

Data Protection (DAM)

  • Identify and classify sensitive data across hybrid multicloud environments
  • Visualize and understand risk holistically, and drill down to understand the root cause
  • Quickly uncover and respond to suspicious insider threats and external breach attempts
  • Simplify compliance through pre-built custom workflows
  • Accelerate audit activities and get a tamper-proofaudit trail
  • Integrate with data security and IT servicemanagement tools

File & Database Encryption

Guardium for File and Database Encryption is an enterprise grade solution that protects data by encrypting files (including database files) and folders using customer-defined policies about who and what may get access to that data.

The implementation of encryption and key management is entirely transparent and automated. In addition, the native key management capabilities support scheduled and automatic key rotation allowing customers to adhere to NIST’s crypto-period recommendations.

File & DB Encryption

  • Whole database encryption
  • Safeguards most common threat vectors
  • Faster, cheaper & more secure


  • Columnar tokenization through format-preserving encryption (FPE)
  • Blinds DBAs
  • Fully encapsulated w/ decoupled business rules
  • Fastest & most performant in industry

Application Encryption

  • Columnar encryption through app SDK
  • Blinds DBAs
  • Format-preserving encryption or non-FPE encryption options (pure AES)
  • Extensive API based on industry standard PKCS#11 libraries

Cloud Key Management

GCKM provides a single web-based UI for users to manage their keys from multiple cloud services, natively written to work with Azure, AWS, Google, and others. The web application can be used by different users from different cloud service accounts at the same time.

    • Centralized, multicloud key control and management for PaaS, IaaS, and SaaS
    • Secure key storage with CipherTrust Manager
    • Logging and reporting for enhanced visibility and compliance
    • Enables separation of duties

Professional Services Offerings

Growing need for a reliable partner to help to secure the evolving enterprise

At Positka we offer, end-to-end services starting from designing the suitable architecture, deploying Guardium in your environment as per the designed architecture, migration of standalone to distributed or clustered environment, supporting the maintenance of the deployed Guardium environment and Optimization for high availability and better performance.

Access to IBM certified consultants and blend of domain expertise in Security, IT Operations, Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning

Feedback from recent client work

Guardium makes data protection, reporting and compliance a seamless experience

Major Stock Exchange

“IBM Guardium monitors our databases without changing any configurations on the databases and servers. The STAP agent that push the SQL traffic from the database server to Guardium collectors is very robust, and it runs with minimum requirements. “

Fortune 100 Telecom Major

“Guardium has pre-defined Classification policies for GDPR to find critical data locations on our databases. Classification policy builder is easy to use if you want to write your own classification policy “

Global Top 10 Card Payment player

“Reporting mechanism is very straight forward, to find logs. You can easily schedule them to distribute your colleagues to review them.” “You can define the activities to the finest detail in the policies to take actions. You can define the critical activities for your organizations and take the real time alerts for critical activities”