What is Smart Security Monitoring Solution ?

Smart Security Monitoring is a SIEM solution that provides the organization with visibility and security intelligence which helps the SOC team to detect, investigate, and respond to internal and external threats.

Real Time Monitoring

The Security Posture view is a single pane of glass summary view of the threat activities and the incidents created in the Last 24 hours Enables the SOC team to monitor threats and correlate events in real-time to find and stop threats.

Incident Response

Organized way to address and manage potential threat incidents. It helps SOC teams analyze, investigate and respond to alerts.

Investigation Dashboards

Analytics are key producing insights from mountains of data, and we have a diverse set of investigation dashboards to identify hidden threats.

Monitors user & host activity which is critical to pinpoint breaches and uncover misuse.

Threat Intelligence

Subscription to 30+ community / open source threat intel feeds (with IOC matching included). Helps SOC team recognize abnormal activity, assess the risk to the business, and prioritize the response.

Risk Based Analysis

Consolidated view of alerts from an asset/user with allotted overall risk scores, which saves lot of time of SOC Analyst and ensure that none of the significant Alerts are ignored.


Monitor threats based on Mitre tactics & techniques. MITRE ATTACK is a security framework which is a matrix of tactics and techniques used by threat hunters which provides the kill chain view of the attacker's journey.

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