Infosec Security Awareness Training and Phishing Simulations

Employees are not a cybersecurity problem. They’re part of the solution. Infosec IQ security awareness training and phishing simulations empower your employees with the knowledge and skills to stay cyber secure at work and home


65% growth of phishing attempts

1 in 61 emails in your inbox contains a malicious link

Ransomware damages reached $5 billion per year

91% of cybercrime starts with email

Your Employees

The average cost of phishing attacks for a U.S. company is $7.91 million

46% of ransomware attacks originate from email

27% of data breaches were caused by human neglect or error

See why our clients stand by our services

At Infosec, we believe knowledge is the most powerful tool in the fight against cybercrime.  We provide the best certification and skills development for IT and security professionals, as well as employee security awareness training and phishing simulations.

Get Better Results.

Methodology Used

Personalize employee training with role-based modules and gamified lessons in a variety of themes and styles to engage learners and strengthen your cybersecurity culture.

Automate learner management, training campaigns and phishing simulations to keep lessons relevant and save you time.

Integrate with your LMS, identify provider, endpoint protection and SOC to streamline program management, reporting and attack response.

Analyze employee risk scores, learning outcomes and your cybersecurity culture to identify weaknesses and anticipate cyber threats.

Improve your training efforts with actionable data to make secure behaviors second nature for every employee.

Capabilities of Infosec IQ

Customer training, proven results
  • Role-based customized
  • Industry-specific training and phishing simulations
  • Compliance modules
  • NIST training guidelines

Deliver engagement; relevant training to everyone
  • Live action videos
  • Animations
  • Humorous videos
  • Microlearning
  • Compliance modules
  • Reinforcement tools

Phishing simulation
  • 1000+ phishing templates in our library
  • Customize the phishing templates or build your own
  • Empower employees to report phishing emails
  • Simulate the most sophisticated phishing attacks

Measure what matters
  • Measure baseline knowledge
  • Track training retention
  • 90+ pre-built assessments
  • Deliver ROI and a dashboard tied to NIST standard
  • Create and send reports to the team

Customize training and remain compliant
  • Role based customization
  • Finance-specific training and phishing simulations
  • PII, PCI, GDPR, GLBA, SOX, PCI DSS and more
  • NIST framework