Problems being faced by the customer/Specific business need/Pain point to address

    • Needed a single point solution for data protection, encryption, masking and automated compliance reporting
    • Custom rules needs to be build to monitor multi-cloud and hybrid infrastructure

Databases – MySQL, MongoDB, Oracle     Servers – Windows & Linux      Infra – AWS, Azure, On-prem

Solutions applied:

    • DAM deployment on 275 DB servers, 72 collectors and 28 aggregator appliances
    • Monitor all the accesses and modifications that involve the sensitive database servers that are relevant to the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX), PCI-DSS and GDPR.
    • Rules deployed to monitor :
            1. Access to sensitive data
            2. Data changes (Add/Delete/Update)
            3. Security Exceptions (Failed login attempts, SQL errors, too many DB queries, etc)
            4. Roles & Permissions (Grant & Revoke)


Benefits delivered 

    • Increased ability to meet compliance regulations, saving $1.1M by lower likelihood of experiencing a regulatory fine .
    • Automation of database analysis processes, saving approximately 1,000 hours annually, approx. $0.9M over 3 years
    • Audit workflow automation resulted in $2.5M cost avoidance over 3 year